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Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends (1995)

Bestseller of Bel Ami with a special bonus – expanded version of “Tender Strangers”,the first Bel Ami video ever, starring internationally famous superstar Lukas Ridgeston in his video debut.

Frisky Summer 3: Wild Strawberries (1998)

Finally together in one collection are all the main outdoor episodes from the VHS versions of “Frisky Summer 2,” “Frisky Summer 3” and “Cherries.” From “Frisky Summer 2” comes the explosive trio with Ion Davidov, Max Pellion and Dano Sulik; from “Frisky Summer 3” comes the episodes with Erik Kovac and Michal Tarkus; Justin Marino and Gérard Kilian, the four-way with Ion Davidov, Karl Tenner, Erik Kovac and Sergei Grigoriev; and from “Cherries” comes the interwoven double-duo with Vadim Hausman, Oleg Vronski, Mirko Polakov and Jeff Markovich. You`ll never make love in the house again!

The English Student (1999)

Julian Armanis is taking a course in English. Every night his teacher gives him homework to enlarge his … vocabulary. Julian chose the words himself, based on his activities and those of his friends. In the seven beautiful episodes, the Bel Ami libidos fire up outside and reach their boiling points indoors. Set mostly in and around an atmospheric town square, “The English Student” stars Julian Armanis, who made his debut in “Frisky Summer 2,” pairing him with Sebastian Bonnet from “Frisky Summer 2 & 3” and newcomers Claude Cocteau, Nico Tiziani, Jacques Melliés and Simon Jacobi, all of whom made their screen debuts in Bel Ami`s casting tape, “101 Men—Parts 1 & 2,” where they won fans` hearts. Also featured are Bel Ami favorites Alexander Strauss, Dano Sulik, Karl Tenner and Andrej Volek. Shipped in a full-color printed box, and includes a score of Bel Ami models, past, present and future in a generous preview of upcoming releases.

Cherries (1999)

Cherries” concerns the first gay sexual experiences of boys in their late `teens. Curious and excited, they turn each other on in ways they never before dared to dream about.

Teamplay (2000)

Ion Davidov`s birthday is the catalyst for his swim team to celebrate with abandon. In training for the upcoming swim meet, they pair off for private encounters in not-so-private places. Poolside, the showers and hallways are just some of the locations of the sex-sessions. The birthday boy fucking Justin Marino in a bathroom may just be the hottest scene Bel Ami ever captured on video. In or out of the water, these guys really know how to make a splash!

Summer Camp (2000)

“SummerCamp” stars 11 breathtaking young men (and lots of nude extras) in a free-wheeling series of vignettes set at a campsite alongside the Little Danube River. Scenes of exuberant camraderie alternate with seven scorching couplings. It`s the campsite of their dreams!

Flings (2001)

Fling yourself in front of the big screen and join 11 of Bel Ami`s top models, including the four exciting new talents who immediately became fan-favorites in six joyous, impulsive romps.

Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (2002)

At last, a DVD celebrates the irrepressible Sebastian Bonnet, who made his debut in the Portugal scenes in the “Frisky Summer 2” VHS. Finally all the Portugal episodes are grouped together: Sebastian and Lukas, Sebastian and Julian (from “The English Student” VHS), Erik and Julian and the four-way with the Tom of Finland-style positions. All this is followed by the sequence from the “Souvenirs” VHS where Sebastian is gang-banged by seven sexy stud-muffins. And to start the DVD, the first encounter of the “Personal Trainers” themselves, Sebastian and Dano Sulik, where Dano cums a record five times.

Out at Last 1: Souvenirs (2002)

Produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more footage of their favorite stars. “Out at Last 1: Souvenirs” preserves 10 episodes originally released in the VHS versions of “Out at Last” and “Souvenirs,” starring many of Bel Ami’s most desirable hunks. All the episodes were originally intended for one of the major releases during Bel Ami`s first five years. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene.

Out at Last 2: Bonbons (2002)

Produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more footage of their favorite stars. “Out at Last 2: Bonbons” collects 10 never-before-seen episodes intended for “Teamplay”, “Cherries”, “Lucky Lukas” and “Flings”, as well as some rarities, shot between 1999 and 2001. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene. No Bel Ami fan’s library will be complete without this pornographic candy box of erotic visual treats.

Just For Fun (2002)

In front of the camera it’s for the money. Behind-the-scenes it’s just for fun. Erotic encounters on the sets of fashion shoots! When the photo shoots finish, the real fun begins. Join the Bel Ami boys as they blur the line between work and play. Our cameras record every steamy second. Two-ways, three-ways and a 16-boy orgy make this one video you must add to your collection. Behind the scenes fact: We saved a lot of money on costumes on this project!

Frisky Summer 4: Summer Loves (2002)

Bathed in the shimmering summer light, the six episodes in “Frisky Summer 4” are all happy, playful and joyful expressions of youthful sexuality. With no specific story, “Frisky Summer 4” follows in the carefree mood and unobtrusive style of its best-selling predecessors which none of Bel Ami`s imitators have succeeded in replicating. Where Bel Ami is concerned, “Frisky Summer” lasts all year long.

More Lukas` Stories (2002)

When Lukas accepts Erik Kovac`s invitation to a mountain lodge for some peace and quiet during the last weekend of summer vacation he finds that ten other sexy young men have also been invited. Our hero`s sexual exploration continues all weekend as he watches the houseguests enjoy themselves in the woodshed, the attic, in bed, on the balcony, and in the hayloft. Lukas also participates, partnering with a combination of assurance and tenderness.

Julian (2003)

Julian Armanis` typical day is chock-full of the sort of activities stud-pups of his age enjoy: kissing, sucking cock and fucking. From dawn until dusk he finds sex everywhere. Cruising in the park? Absolutely. Orgy in the workplace? Perfect location. Fucking in the locker room? All the time. With friends like Pierre Delon, Max Orloff, Alan Connery and Danny Saradon, why would Julian keep his cock in his pants? Join the talented Mr. Armanis as he bounds from one romantically hedonistic encounter to another. It`s a dick-filled day of delights

Out At Last 4: Bazaar (2003)

Seven major episodes and three blow-job scenes comprise this collection of episodes which were filmed as part of, but never released in, any of Bel Ami`s major productions. Includes rare never-before-released footage with Ion Davidov and Dano Sulik intended for “Frisky Summer 2.” Featuring some of Bel Ami`s biggest stars coupled with seriously sexy stud-pups, there is something for everyone in this bazaar of sexual delights.

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Lukas Ridgeston

aka’s: Lucas, Jan Van Huig

Lucas Ridgeston

Birthplace: Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Birthdate: April 5, 1974 (23 as of 1997)
Height: 175 cm/5’10”
Weight: 79 kg/175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Dick size: 19

After appearing in a photo shoot for Freshman, he began in the summer of 1993 in the first-ever Bel Ami movie, Tender Strangers, doing solos, showing that he’s a real voyeur.

At first, when Bel Ami sent photo sets to magazines the editors of Freshmen chose the name “Lucas” (after a paperboy) and “Ridgeston” (so it sounded like some good Ivy League School) for him, as they wanted that readers would think the models lived next door and not far away in East Europe. Then Bel Ami changed the spelling to “Lukas” so as to give it a Central European flavor.

He is university graduate, owns a “Mini Cooper” car and regularly attend meetings of “Mini Cooper” owners and once he won a car race at one of these meetings. In 1999 he was in the top of “Unzipped” magazine’s list of best erotic-video performers of the millennium. The magazine said ” … there may be no more beautiful man alive.” In 2000 Lukas and Johan Paulik were inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame. Also later in 2002 reader of the same magazine chose Lucas to be “the hottest porn star of all time”

Before  Bel Ami he appeared in two low-budget German hardcore movies for Gero-Schweiz under the name of Jan Van Huig: Boytropolis (later renamed Mantropolis Part B) – originally a 2-volume, 3-hour flick, an edited version was released by BIG Video in October 1997 as A Man’s World.  His name is intentionally misspelt in the credits (Lukas Ridgston) to avoid a copyright dispute with Bel Ami.

And in another film – Studio Fantasies (released by Man’s Best in 2000), where his big scene is the one sitting on a couch with Oliver Krist, who pokes Lukas with a dildo, then screws him.

East European gay porn model Lukas Ridgeston became one of the top stars in gay adult industry. His last film was Lukas in Love and now  he works behind the camera as Director/Cameraman for BelAmiOnline sharing his experience and adding personal style creating new videos.

Clips with Lukas Ridgeston:

bel ami bel ami
Lucky Lucas orgy video clip Lukas In Love hot orgy


View Lukas Ridgeston galleries:


bel ami bel ami bel ami
Lukas Ridgeston outdoors gallery Lukas on the beach gallery Lukas Ridgeston new gallery


Bel Ami full movies with Lukas on the blog:


bel ami DVD bel ami bel ami bel ami
Lukas Stories, 1994-1995 More Lukas Stories, 1995 (2002) Lucky Lukas, 1998 Cover Boys, 2001


1992 Arab Nights 1992 (Man’ Best)
1992 Boytropolis 1,2 aka A Man’s World 1 aka Mantropolis 1,2 (Man’s Best)
1992 Studio Fantasies (Man’s Best)
1994 Tender Strangers
1994 Lukas Story 1
1995 Lukas Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy
1995 Lukas Story 3
1995 Boy 2: Boys At Play (Priaple Video) aka Super Boys (Pride)
1996 Boy 3: Boy Wonder (Priaple Videos)
1996 Out at Last
1997 Frisky Summer
1998 Lucky Lukas
1999 Frisky Memories
The Best of Oliver Krist 2001 (Man’s Best)
2001 Cover boys
2001 All About Bel Ami
2002 More Lukas Stories
2002 Splash (Pride)
2005 Lukas In Love
2005 The Private Life of Tim Hamilton

2004-2006 Sun Kissed: Johan’s Journal 1.
1999-2006 Orgies (Bel Ami)

Josh Elliot

josh elliot

Birhplace: Slovakia
Eye color: Brown
Height: 183
Weight: 72
Hair color: Blond
Zodiac: Virgo
Dick type: Thick

Dick size: 19

Josh Elliot is one of the Bel Ami’s well-known and most popular models with a puppy-dog look, trim and lean figure and a pretty hefty package. First he was a bottom only for three years but then grew up into a first class top!

He is has good high education – a degree in logistics and transportation systems and also a masters degree. He starred in many movies of BelAmiOnline now he has end up with performing on screen and is working behind the scenes as cameraman and editor.

More photoes of Josh and sex clips with him on BelAmiOnline.

View all preview videos with Josh

Josh Elliot super hot gay model

bel ami bel ami bel ami
Josh Elliot gallery Josh Elliot for Freshmen Sexy Josh Elliot gallery

Video previews with Josh Elliot:

bel ami bel ami bel ami
Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill pin-up Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal Josh Elliot and Matt Phillipe bareback
bel ami
Josh Elliot and Sasha Chaykin

Sebastian Bonnet

sebastian bonnet
Birthplace: Slovakia
Eye color: Green
Height: 178
Weight: 75
Hair color: Brown
Zodiac: Taurus
Dick type: Average
Dick size: 18.5

Lukas Ridgeston describes Sebastian as “always in good spirits, easy-going and genuinely fun to be with.” He started filming in gay porn when he was 18 for Pride Video and also in his first two movies for Bel Ami “Frisky Summer 2” and “The English Student.”

His parents work in police as officers. Now he works full-time with Bel Ami in the post-production unit in several different capacities. He shot many of the casting auditions and the second cameraman for most of the “Personal Traners” episodes and for some of the latest Bel Ami feature videos. Together with Dano Sulik, he trained the next generation of models. He pre-edits all Bel Ami’s main videos. He prepares the different camera angles of the scenes into a logical sequence so George Duroy can find all the footage he needs to edit the films.

Recently he started filming and directing his own episodes for the BelAmiOnline Exclusive Programming section.

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sebastian bonnet hot gay porn

Sebastian Bonnet Gallery

Julian Armanis

Birthplace: Slovakia
Birthdate: 10 April 1977
Height: 181
Weight: 72
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Zodiac: Aries
Dick size: 19

Next big star of Bel Ami Julian Armanis first appeared in Frisky Summer 2. He is one of those guys whot makes you admire his splendid figure. He possesses star model look, a defined and cut body that suits to the Bel Ami trademark. And what most of all he has a HUGE cock! So that is why Julian quickly became another popular model and Bel Ami produced a separate full length film dedicated merely to him named “Julian”.

Being originally a pastry chef he got across with Bel Ami when working as a fashion-model. His hobbies are swimming and mountain-hiking. He finished his actor job with Bel Ami in 2002, moved to Prague and works there as the  accountant and manager at the Bel Ami’s Prague office.

In 2003 he was nominated Grabby Award for Best Group Sex Scene in Frisky Summer 4, together with Roberto Giorgio, Patrik Zsolt, Adam Cartier, Chris Cameron, Dano Sulik, Nikolas Kiss. You can find many videos with him at

julian armanis hot gay sex

first bel ami gay model

Julian Armanis Gallery

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Ion Davidov

ion davidov bel ami gay porn

aka’s: Pieter Gierek, Ion

Birthplace:  Bucharest, Romania
Birthdate: 15 December 1974
Height: 182
Weight: 75
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Preference: Versatile
Dick size: 18

In the beginning,  Ion was a first-class rollerblader. In his first scenes for Bel Ami he wore his hair long, in a ponytail, but he cut his hair short for the remake of the roller-blading scene in “Frisky Summer”.

He got a tattoo on his right shoulder and a scorpion on his pubic area in the Spring of 1995. By the Summer of 1997 his tattooed spider web grew another outer ring.

He has appeared in several non-Bel Ami hardcore movies: “The Vampire Of Budapest” (Kristen Bjorn, July 1995) in which he had a small part in the orgy, set in the big baths palace on Saint-Marguerite Island in Budapest. In this scene he is sucked by Stefan Stano (“Reszö Farkas” ).

In “Zoltan & Les Minets de L’Est” (a/k/a “Soldaten” ) (Clair Productions), a French-produced movie set in Budapest. In this video he tops Adam Jannin (Istvàn) and both models also take turns fucking a third guy in a 3-way scene. And as Ion in “Atilla the Hun” (2001, Cadro films)

Ion native language is Romanian and he speaks also English and Spanish, and can understand and communicate in Czech and Slovak as well as a little Italian.

He was always fascinated by tattoos and is now an owner of a tattoo shop in Western Europe.

ion davidov gay porn



ion davidov bel ami gay porn


Ion Davidov Gallery

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Johan Paulik

johan paulik bel ami

aka’s: Johan

Birthplace:   Czechoslovakia
Birthdate: 14 March 1975
Height: 183
Weight: 74
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Zodiac: Pisces
Preference: Versatile
Dick size: 17,5

Johan is now not filming as a model for Bel Ami. He turned 29 in 2004 and now just doesn’t want to film any more. He’s more into helping behind-the-scenes and filming his own video that you can see in Lucas Journal Series. He also important part of the Bel Ami Online organization.

In the year 2000, Johan and his good friend, Lukas Ridgeston, were inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame, a kind of the Oscars for gay porn.

In many magazines of the world, much ink has been spilled trying to describe Johan’s appeal. George feels some of it has to do with the fact that he is a bright, charming and witty guy from an archetypical middle-class family. Perhaps some more clues to his success can be gleaned from reading his various interviews on the internet.

Rear video of Johan Paulik nude from an erotic movie made in 1997.

Sreenshots from Bel Ami movies:

johan paulik gay porn videos

Bel Ami star Johan Paulik images

Johan Paulik Gallery

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