First Bel Ami gay porn movies

Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends (1995)

Bestseller of Bel Ami with a special bonus – expanded version of “Tender Strangers”,the first Bel Ami video ever, starring internationally famous superstar Lukas Ridgeston in his video debut.

Frisky Summer 3: Wild Strawberries (1998)

Finally together in one collection are all the main outdoor episodes from the VHS versions of “Frisky Summer 2,” “Frisky Summer 3” and “Cherries.” From “Frisky Summer 2” comes the explosive trio with Ion Davidov, Max Pellion and Dano Sulik; from “Frisky Summer 3” comes the episodes with Erik Kovac and Michal Tarkus; Justin Marino and Gérard Kilian, the four-way with Ion Davidov, Karl Tenner, Erik Kovac and Sergei Grigoriev; and from “Cherries” comes the interwoven double-duo with Vadim Hausman, Oleg Vronski, Mirko Polakov and Jeff Markovich. You`ll never make love in the house again!

The English Student (1999)

Julian Armanis is taking a course in English. Every night his teacher gives him homework to enlarge his … vocabulary. Julian chose the words himself, based on his activities and those of his friends. In the seven beautiful episodes, the Bel Ami libidos fire up outside and reach their boiling points indoors. Set mostly in and around an atmospheric town square, “The English Student” stars Julian Armanis, who made his debut in “Frisky Summer 2,” pairing him with Sebastian Bonnet from “Frisky Summer 2 & 3” and newcomers Claude Cocteau, Nico Tiziani, Jacques Melliés and Simon Jacobi, all of whom made their screen debuts in Bel Ami`s casting tape, “101 Men—Parts 1 & 2,” where they won fans` hearts. Also featured are Bel Ami favorites Alexander Strauss, Dano Sulik, Karl Tenner and Andrej Volek. Shipped in a full-color printed box, and includes a score of Bel Ami models, past, present and future in a generous preview of upcoming releases.

Cherries (1999)

Cherries” concerns the first gay sexual experiences of boys in their late `teens. Curious and excited, they turn each other on in ways they never before dared to dream about.

Teamplay (2000)

Ion Davidov`s birthday is the catalyst for his swim team to celebrate with abandon. In training for the upcoming swim meet, they pair off for private encounters in not-so-private places. Poolside, the showers and hallways are just some of the locations of the sex-sessions. The birthday boy fucking Justin Marino in a bathroom may just be the hottest scene Bel Ami ever captured on video. In or out of the water, these guys really know how to make a splash!

Summer Camp (2000)

“SummerCamp” stars 11 breathtaking young men (and lots of nude extras) in a free-wheeling series of vignettes set at a campsite alongside the Little Danube River. Scenes of exuberant camraderie alternate with seven scorching couplings. It`s the campsite of their dreams!

Flings (2001)

Fling yourself in front of the big screen and join 11 of Bel Ami`s top models, including the four exciting new talents who immediately became fan-favorites in six joyous, impulsive romps.

Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (2002)

At last, a DVD celebrates the irrepressible Sebastian Bonnet, who made his debut in the Portugal scenes in the “Frisky Summer 2” VHS. Finally all the Portugal episodes are grouped together: Sebastian and Lukas, Sebastian and Julian (from “The English Student” VHS), Erik and Julian and the four-way with the Tom of Finland-style positions. All this is followed by the sequence from the “Souvenirs” VHS where Sebastian is gang-banged by seven sexy stud-muffins. And to start the DVD, the first encounter of the “Personal Trainers” themselves, Sebastian and Dano Sulik, where Dano cums a record five times.

Out at Last 1: Souvenirs (2002)

Produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more footage of their favorite stars. “Out at Last 1: Souvenirs” preserves 10 episodes originally released in the VHS versions of “Out at Last” and “Souvenirs,” starring many of Bel Ami’s most desirable hunks. All the episodes were originally intended for one of the major releases during Bel Ami`s first five years. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene.

Out at Last 2: Bonbons (2002)

Produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more footage of their favorite stars. “Out at Last 2: Bonbons” collects 10 never-before-seen episodes intended for “Teamplay”, “Cherries”, “Lucky Lukas” and “Flings”, as well as some rarities, shot between 1999 and 2001. George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene. No Bel Ami fan’s library will be complete without this pornographic candy box of erotic visual treats.

Just For Fun (2002)

In front of the camera it’s for the money. Behind-the-scenes it’s just for fun. Erotic encounters on the sets of fashion shoots! When the photo shoots finish, the real fun begins. Join the Bel Ami boys as they blur the line between work and play. Our cameras record every steamy second. Two-ways, three-ways and a 16-boy orgy make this one video you must add to your collection. Behind the scenes fact: We saved a lot of money on costumes on this project!

Frisky Summer 4: Summer Loves (2002)

Bathed in the shimmering summer light, the six episodes in “Frisky Summer 4” are all happy, playful and joyful expressions of youthful sexuality. With no specific story, “Frisky Summer 4” follows in the carefree mood and unobtrusive style of its best-selling predecessors which none of Bel Ami`s imitators have succeeded in replicating. Where Bel Ami is concerned, “Frisky Summer” lasts all year long.

More Lukas` Stories (2002)

When Lukas accepts Erik Kovac`s invitation to a mountain lodge for some peace and quiet during the last weekend of summer vacation he finds that ten other sexy young men have also been invited. Our hero`s sexual exploration continues all weekend as he watches the houseguests enjoy themselves in the woodshed, the attic, in bed, on the balcony, and in the hayloft. Lukas also participates, partnering with a combination of assurance and tenderness.

Julian (2003)

Julian Armanis` typical day is chock-full of the sort of activities stud-pups of his age enjoy: kissing, sucking cock and fucking. From dawn until dusk he finds sex everywhere. Cruising in the park? Absolutely. Orgy in the workplace? Perfect location. Fucking in the locker room? All the time. With friends like Pierre Delon, Max Orloff, Alan Connery and Danny Saradon, why would Julian keep his cock in his pants? Join the talented Mr. Armanis as he bounds from one romantically hedonistic encounter to another. It`s a dick-filled day of delights

Out At Last 4: Bazaar (2003)

Seven major episodes and three blow-job scenes comprise this collection of episodes which were filmed as part of, but never released in, any of Bel Ami`s major productions. Includes rare never-before-released footage with Ion Davidov and Dano Sulik intended for “Frisky Summer 2.” Featuring some of Bel Ami`s biggest stars coupled with seriously sexy stud-pups, there is something for everyone in this bazaar of sexual delights.

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Lukas Stories – Bel Ami movie from 1994-1995

Lukas Stories was appeared in 2002 and is a compilation of Lukas Story 1 and 2 that were made in 1994 and 1995.

Lukas Ridgestone sucks a huge cock of Filip Smirnov

Lukas Ridgestone sucking scene from Lukas Stories

Lukas R. tops Danny Clark

Hot gay porn sex in Lukas Stories from Bel Ami

Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik tender sex

Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston hot sex from Bel Ami

Lukas R. with Martin Valko and Kristian Jensen in hot threesome sex

Bel Ami movie Lukas Stories


Where to watch Lukas Stories:

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Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie of 1998

Original title is “Lucky Lukas: Where Dreams Come True”, the movie was released in 1998 and is one of the best gay porn movies. The hottest scene is the last one with Lukas and Ion flip flop sex.  Lucky Lukas video trailer preview after the screenshots!

Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov fuck Vadim Hausman

Driving down the road, the two guys continue on their journey, picking up a hitch hiker. Stopping along the way at an abandoned building, they take time to stroke and compare their cocks. After some playful cock play and wrestling, the hitch hiker ends up between the two sucking their cocks. Both guys cum on his chest and he shoots his own load. That doesn`t stop them as they take him from both ends. The hitch hiker sucks one as the other plows his ass from behind, doggie style, and they all shoot another load – this one bigger than the first.

Bel Ami studio movie Lucky Lukas with Ridgeston and Ion Davidov

Lucky Lukas Orgy

video from Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie

This scene is available on Bel Ami Online. View video preview of Lucky Lukas orgy.

Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov super sex

Hot gay sex from Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie.

Lucky Lukas video preview of reduced size and quality.

Best gay rimming scene!

Lukas Rigeston and Ion Davidov in hottest gay rimming sex video from Bel Ami Studio.

Description of Lucky Lucas movie:

Whilst taking their new car for a spin in the countryside, Lukas and Ion witness a number of sexual vignettes and eventually turn their attentions on one another.

LUCKY LUKAS is that rarity in contemporary gay porn – a genuinely sexy movie with slightly more to offer than the requisite staples of hardcore ‘cinema’. To be sure, the film’s production values are pretty basic, and Marty Stevens’ hand-held camera-work is only a couple of steps removed from your average home movie, but this superior offering from the Bel Ami video label (which won Best Foreign Release at the GayVN Awards in 2000) has more than a few aces up its sleeve.

Filmed in the Czech Republic and focusing on a loose assortment of well-built young studs, it’s primarily a showcase for Bel Ami superstars Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov. The sex scenes range from twosomes and threesomes to a small orgy, with each scenario offering the same basic routine (fellatio followed by full-on sex), and while each sequence generates a fair degree of heat – due principally to the quality of the models and their apparent sexual exuberance – it’s the final sequence with Ridgeston and Davidov which raises this particular offering into a category all its own. Though hardly ‘romantic’ in the traditional sense, the scene is played with a degree of affection that’s rare in adult movies, and both these young men know how to pleasure each other without simply playing to the camera. In this respect, Davidov almost steals the show from Ridgeston by taking the initiative at unexpected moments, but his egalitarian attitude only serves to raise the temperature and makes for pretty impressive viewing!

Crucially, instead of supplying scripted dialogue, pseudonymous director ‘George Duroy’ encourages his actors to react spontaneously during each of the five main set-piece encounters, balancing hardcore sexual imagery with moments of doe-eyed tenderness. For instance, a scorching threesome between Ridgeston, Davidov and hitchhiker Vadim Hausman is preceded by gentle acts of foreplay, adding a real erotic charge to the ensuing display of sexual prowess (this scene concludes with an *astonishing* sequence in which Ridgeston bangs Hausman with enthusiastic fervour whilst simultaneously pleasuring Davidov with his mouth). In fact, LUCKY LUKAS marked a turning point for Bel Ami, from the crude ‘home-made’ quality of their earlier productions to an ultra-professional outfit dedicated to the celebration of youthful innocence and beauty. If you like gorgeous athletic young men and explicit sex tinged with romance, this is a good place to start. An extended director’s cut has since emerged on home video.

More Lukas stories – Bel Ami movie of 1995

More Lukas Stories is a compilation video of 2002 that was originally released under title “Lukas’ Story 3” in 1995.

In this Bel Ami movie Lukas goes to a mountain house with Erik Kovac during summer vacation and meets other ten sexy young men there. Lukas enjoys his sexual exploration during this weekend as he watches the guys having sex in woodshed, the balcony, the attic, hayloft and bed of course.

Screenshots of some scenes:

Lukas Ridgeston, Ion Davidov and Dano Sulik threesome

Ion Davidov and Lukas Ridgeston fuck Dano Sulik

Lukas Ridgeston and Daniel Valent

Lukas Ridgeston fucks Thomas Belko in Bel Ami studio gay video

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