Lukas Ridgeston

aka’s: Lucas, Jan Van Huig

Lucas Ridgeston

Birthplace: Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Birthdate: April 5, 1974 (23 as of 1997)
Height: 175 cm/5’10”
Weight: 79 kg/175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Dick size: 19

After appearing in a photo shoot for Freshman, he began in the summer of 1993 in the first-ever Bel Ami movie, Tender Strangers, doing solos, showing that he’s a real voyeur.

At first, when Bel Ami sent photo sets to magazines the editors of Freshmen chose the name “Lucas” (after a paperboy) and “Ridgeston” (so it sounded like some good Ivy League School) for him, as they wanted that readers would think the models lived next door and not far away in East Europe. Then Bel Ami changed the spelling to “Lukas” so as to give it a Central European flavor.

He is university graduate, owns a “Mini Cooper” car and regularly attend meetings of “Mini Cooper” owners and once he won a car race at one of these meetings. In 1999 he was in the top of “Unzipped” magazine’s list of best erotic-video performers of the millennium. The magazine said ” … there may be no more beautiful man alive.” In 2000 Lukas and Johan Paulik were inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame. Also later in 2002 reader of the same magazine chose Lucas to be “the hottest porn star of all time”

Before  Bel Ami he appeared in two low-budget German hardcore movies for Gero-Schweiz under the name of Jan Van Huig: Boytropolis (later renamed Mantropolis Part B) – originally a 2-volume, 3-hour flick, an edited version was released by BIG Video in October 1997 as A Man’s World.  His name is intentionally misspelt in the credits (Lukas Ridgston) to avoid a copyright dispute with Bel Ami.

And in another film – Studio Fantasies (released by Man’s Best in 2000), where his big scene is the one sitting on a couch with Oliver Krist, who pokes Lukas with a dildo, then screws him.

East European gay porn model Lukas Ridgeston became one of the top stars in gay adult industry. His last film was Lukas in Love and now  he works behind the camera as Director/Cameraman for BelAmiOnline sharing his experience and adding personal style creating new videos.

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1992 Arab Nights 1992 (Man’ Best)
1992 Boytropolis 1,2 aka A Man’s World 1 aka Mantropolis 1,2 (Man’s Best)
1992 Studio Fantasies (Man’s Best)
1994 Tender Strangers
1994 Lukas Story 1
1995 Lukas Story 2: When Boy Meets Boy
1995 Lukas Story 3
1995 Boy 2: Boys At Play (Priaple Video) aka Super Boys (Pride)
1996 Boy 3: Boy Wonder (Priaple Videos)
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1997 Frisky Summer
1998 Lucky Lukas
1999 Frisky Memories
The Best of Oliver Krist 2001 (Man’s Best)
2001 Cover boys
2001 All About Bel Ami
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2002 Splash (Pride)
2005 Lukas In Love
2005 The Private Life of Tim Hamilton

2004-2006 Sun Kissed: Johan’s Journal 1.
1999-2006 Orgies (Bel Ami)

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