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Big cock Bel Ami guys Bastian and Raphael having passionate bareback gay sex with sperm fuck at the end

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Jack Harrer videos

Jack Harrer videos

Jack Harrer is one of the top models of Bel Ami – he got gorgeous look and big dick, he is versatile and good as top and bottom.

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Jack got a load of sperm right in his open ass hole after being fucked hard – see in Big cock gay anal pleasures video.

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Here is a collection of his videos from Bel Ami:

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Kris Evans Videos

Videos with Kris Evans from Bel Ami a well as snapshots of his best moments:

Kris Evans has become a top model of Bel Ami studios since he came there when he was 18. Here you can enjoy his collection of videos:

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Kris Evans destroys another young stud

Kris got another muscle boy Jon Kael in his hands, who sucks his huge cock and enjoys his magnificent muscle body. Kris sucks boy’s dick in return and licks his tight ass hole but only to prepare him to be destroyed by his huge dick during long and hard anal fuck.

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Very beautiful dancer Adrian and his sexy strip dance

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Handsome Spanish male stripper Ruben:

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Male stripper Cristian performs long erotic dance naked – he got big cock as well!

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Gorgeous male stripper from Barcelona Mark:

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Vadim Farrell gay porn videos

Vadim Farrell and Darion Dolce

Vadim Farrell tops Elijah Peters

Elijah Peters and Vadim Farrell are paired together in this next episode from Josh Eliot and Jeff Daniels’ first try at solo production. Both Elijah and Vadim are muscle and fitness enthusiasts and mesh together well. Vadim utilizes a dildo and fucks Elijah in a variety of athletic positions here with his big uncut cock! Watch as these 2 studs explode together.

Sascha Chaykin and Vadim Farrell flip-flop sex

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Today we have Part One of this new, uninhibited, flip-flop condomless scene featuring the physically compatible Vadim Farrell and Sascha Chaykin: both are lean and muscular with beautiful asses, and equally good on top or bottom. Sascha is more sexually experienced but Vadim is making up for it very quickly.

Part 2

Vadim Farrell and Colin Hewitt

Athletic studs Vadim Farrell and Colin Hewitt were so horny they could not even make it to the bed. They take their time stripping one another and making out, but it doesn’t take long for the big uncut cocks to come out. They blow each other until something has to give and from then it’s not long until Vadim is fucking Colins sweet ass. Colin is quite a sport taking if from every angle and as always there’s a very hot, explosive ending.

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Trevor Yates

Gay porn model with huge dick

Karel Grosse / Trevor Yates
aka: Pavel, Pavel Kreb, Michael Long

George Duroy considers Trevor “a special chapter” in the Bel Ami annals. He was discovered after shooting a few episodes for director William Higgins in Prague; at the same time, a Bel Ami scout sent us his photo through the telephone. “I did not like the picture at first,” George recalls, “but the size of his dick was very convincing.” Trevor might be one of five biggest Bel Ami cocks over the years; he is really huge. He is also bisexual and sexually versatile. These days he works in construction (as of 2009). “He never wears underwear,” George recalls, “because, he tells me, his dick is so big even when soft that wearing underwear can be very uncomfortable. But I believe it is also because he likes to show off what he has. If he was standing here and I would ask him to pull down his pants, he would do it gladly. He is absolutely an exhibitionist.”

Trevor enjoys the reactions of people around him when he is swimming or in the gym locker room and they catch a glimpse of his penis. It really attracts attention! “On the other hand,” George says, “he is perfectly honest and reliable. No alcohol or drug problems. He is clean as the winter snow.”

A big part of his money from Bel Ami goes to maintaining his car, with which he is obsessed (like many Bel Ami boys). He bought a small house and is a real handyman. Here and there, we get into a situation on the set when he is desperately missed at home because something is not working properly. Trevor is the archetypal farmboy; he definitely doesn’t like cities. “He still works for us and will keep working,” George says. “He is a lot of fun.”

All video previews with Trevor Yates:

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Manuel, Trevor and Henri Trevor Yates and Julien Hussey Trevor Yates and Dario Dolce
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Trevor Yates and Troy Allen

Travor and Jack Harrer hot huge dick anal sex video:

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Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie of 1998

Original title is “Lucky Lukas: Where Dreams Come True”, the movie was released in 1998 and is one of the best gay porn movies. The hottest scene is the last one with Lukas and Ion flip flop sex.  Lucky Lukas video trailer preview after the screenshots!

Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov fuck Vadim Hausman

Driving down the road, the two guys continue on their journey, picking up a hitch hiker. Stopping along the way at an abandoned building, they take time to stroke and compare their cocks. After some playful cock play and wrestling, the hitch hiker ends up between the two sucking their cocks. Both guys cum on his chest and he shoots his own load. That doesn`t stop them as they take him from both ends. The hitch hiker sucks one as the other plows his ass from behind, doggie style, and they all shoot another load – this one bigger than the first.

Bel Ami studio movie Lucky Lukas with Ridgeston and Ion Davidov

Lucky Lukas Orgy

video from Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie

This scene is available on Bel Ami Online. View video preview of Lucky Lukas orgy.

Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov super sex

Hot gay sex from Lucky Lukas Bel Ami movie.

Lucky Lukas video preview of reduced size and quality.

Where and how  to watch Lucky Lukas movie

Bel Ami movie with Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov

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Description of Lucky Lucas movie:

Whilst taking their new car for a spin in the countryside, Lukas and Ion witness a number of sexual vignettes and eventually turn their attentions on one another.

LUCKY LUKAS is that rarity in contemporary gay porn – a genuinely sexy movie with slightly more to offer than the requisite staples of hardcore ‘cinema’. To be sure, the film’s production values are pretty basic, and Marty Stevens’ hand-held camera-work is only a couple of steps removed from your average home movie, but this superior offering from the Bel Ami video label (which won Best Foreign Release at the GayVN Awards in 2000) has more than a few aces up its sleeve.

Filmed in the Czech Republic and focusing on a loose assortment of well-built young studs, it’s primarily a showcase for Bel Ami superstars Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov. The sex scenes range from twosomes and threesomes to a small orgy, with each scenario offering the same basic routine (fellatio followed by full-on sex), and while each sequence generates a fair degree of heat – due principally to the quality of the models and their apparent sexual exuberance – it’s the final sequence with Ridgeston and Davidov which raises this particular offering into a category all its own. Though hardly ‘romantic’ in the traditional sense, the scene is played with a degree of affection that’s rare in adult movies, and both these young men know how to pleasure each other without simply playing to the camera. In this respect, Davidov almost steals the show from Ridgeston by taking the initiative at unexpected moments, but his egalitarian attitude only serves to raise the temperature and makes for pretty impressive viewing!

Crucially, instead of supplying scripted dialogue, pseudonymous director ‘George Duroy’ encourages his actors to react spontaneously during each of the five main set-piece encounters, balancing hardcore sexual imagery with moments of doe-eyed tenderness. For instance, a scorching threesome between Ridgeston, Davidov and hitchhiker Vadim Hausman is preceded by gentle acts of foreplay, adding a real erotic charge to the ensuing display of sexual prowess (this scene concludes with an *astonishing* sequence in which Ridgeston bangs Hausman with enthusiastic fervour whilst simultaneously pleasuring Davidov with his mouth). In fact, LUCKY LUKAS marked a turning point for Bel Ami, from the crude ‘home-made’ quality of their earlier productions to an ultra-professional outfit dedicated to the celebration of youthful innocence and beauty. If you like gorgeous athletic young men and explicit sex tinged with romance, this is a good place to start. An extended director’s cut has since emerged on home video.

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More Lukas stories – Bel Ami movie of 1995

More Lukas Stories is a compilation video of 2002 that was originally released under title “Lukas’ Story 3” in 1995.

In this Bel Ami movie Lukas goes to a mountain house with Erik Kovac during summer vacation and meets other ten sexy young men there. Lukas enjoys his sexual exploration during this weekend as he watches the guys having sex in woodshed, the balcony, the attic, hayloft and bed of course.

Screenshots of some scenes:

Lukas Ridgeston, Ion Davidov and Dano Sulik threesome

Ion Davidov and Lukas Ridgeston fuck Dano Sulik

Lukas Ridgeston and Daniel Valent

Lukas Ridgeston fucks Thomas Belko in Bel Ami studio gay video

More Lukas Stories video trailer

[fvplayer src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ splash=”” caption=”More Lukas stories 1995″]

Where to watch the movie

Lukas Stories 3 Best options:

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Julian Armanis

Birthplace: Slovakia
Birthdate: 10 April 1977
Height: 181
Weight: 72
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Zodiac: Aries
Dick size: 19

Next big star of Bel Ami Julian Armanis first appeared in Frisky Summer 2. He is one of those guys whot makes you admire his splendid figure. He possesses star model look, a defined and cut body that suits to the Bel Ami trademark. And what most of all he has a HUGE cock! So that is why Julian quickly became another popular model and Bel Ami produced a separate full length film dedicated merely to him named “Julian”.

Being originally a pastry chef he got across with Bel Ami when working as a fashion-model. His hobbies are swimming and mountain-hiking. He finished his actor job with Bel Ami in 2002, moved to Prague and works there as the  accountant and manager at the Bel Ami’s Prague office.

In 2003 he was nominated Grabby Award for Best Group Sex Scene in Frisky Summer 4, together with Roberto Giorgio, Patrik Zsolt, Adam Cartier, Chris Cameron, Dano Sulik, Nikolas Kiss. You can find many videos with him at

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Julian Armanis Gallery

Visit BelAmi Online

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Thierry Aulin

Tierry is a dental technician by education, but he was working in a government agency when he first went on photoshot at Bel Ami and later at AYOR studio.

He is one of the best bottom and can take any size. He filmed in some Bel Ami movies as well as AYOR’s.

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